Artist Showcase: Val Proudki

8 Jan

One of the greatest photography talents DC has to offer is Val Proudki owner of Photographica. His sharp eye captures beauty and irony in everyday moments with ease, and has led him to win many accolades including 1st place in DC’s “Spirit of DC” Fotoweek competition. His work is so inspiring I own some myself. Whenever I have new guests over they always comment on how powerful his work is. If you’d like to purchase his photography you can do so by visiting him on weekends at Eastern Market where he has a booth, or by purchasing online at Photographica. Prints are very reasonably priced, with many coming in at under $100.

He has been honored with accolades such as DC Fotoweek’s 1st place winner in the “Spirit of DC” contest.


One Response to “Artist Showcase: Val Proudki”

  1. julevo January 9, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    I like your blog and would like to subscribe but my google reader can’t seem to find your feed

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