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Inside Look: Copenhagen Family Home

4 Jan

Over at Dos Family a beautiful family home in Copenhagen is featured. The home is sophisticated yet lived in, and reflects the family’s eclectic and somewhat quirky tastes. It’s definitely proof positive you can still be stylish with kids.

Photos: Dos Family

For more pictures click here.


Designer Showcase: The Apartment

2 Jan

It’s official, my absolute favorite design company in the whole wide world is The Apartment, founded by design couple Stefan Boublil and Gina Alvarez. Based in NYC The Apartment specializes in interior design, branding, and anything else their clients will pay for. I’m particularly impressed with their interior design portfolio. Their spaces are colorful, playful, functional, and mature. Check out the office space they designed for digital branding agency Electric Artists below. Ahhhh….how I wish I worked there.

Inside Look: Well Designed Man Cave

18 Dec

Who says man caves have to be aesthetically unpleasing? Check out the beautiful masculine apartment below.

4 Ways to Create Cheap Art

13 Dec

#1 Block Art

 Photo: The Brick House

A framed sheet of solid colored paper, or what I call block can add a cute pop of color to a room.

#2 Origami

Photo: Seawayblog

Origami figures make a real design statement, for just the cost of a sheet of paper. For instructions on how to make your own click here.

#3 Framed Scarfs

Photo: 2nd Floor Living

Scarfs can be more than a wardrobe accessory, they can be a wall accessory too!

#4 Framed vintage magazines

Photo: Reverie

Framing magazines is a cheap way to add personality to a space. You can showcase mags that tell visitor’s about your interests. Old magazines are readily available of sites like Ebay and Etsy.