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My New/Old Lamp

26 Dec

A few weeks ago I picked up a lovely new mid-century lamp from one of my favorite vintage stores Home Anthology (store blogged about here). I like vintage lighting because the designs tend to be more visually interesting than a lot of what’s on the market today, and often times you can get cute pieces for relatively cheap at thrift stores and Ebay. The only downside to buying vintage lamps is that sometimes the wiring isn’t the greatest and you can never be sure what the maximum bulb wattage should be. But with a little ingenuity and IKEA I was able to solve this problem.

Below is my vintage lamp along with its old wiring. I swapped the old wiring for the wiring in my Fado Ikea table lamp (which had been hiding out in the back of my closet, ever since I broke the glass that covers it…I had a feeling the wiring would come in handy one day). You can pick up a new one from IKEA for $20.

After removing the old wiring, I simply put the lamp on top of the IKEA lamp base.

Tah dah… new/old lamp!


Integrating IKEA

13 Dec

Anyone decorating on a tight budget who lives within a 100 mile radius of an IKEA, has probably visited the superstore in search of new furniture. While many criticize the store because of its mass appeal and not so great craftsmanship, the fact of the matter is….when used properly IKEA is a goldmine! The trick is to be selective in IKEA purchases, and use the store’s products sparingly interchanging them with more unique/higher quality items. Another great way to utilize IKEA is through product “remixing”.

Examples of great uses of IKEA are below:

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy’s 2010 Smallest Coolest Apartment contestant, Erica, incorporated IKEA’s Docksta table into her dining area. The tables price tag: $179. At times you can also catch them on Craigslist for cheaper.

Photo: Poppytalk

Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou came up with this clever IKEA remix that utilizes IKEA’s Hemma light cord. With just glue, strips of veneer, and a few other low cost items she created this masterpiece. You can create your own by following the instructions found here.

Photo: Unplggd

Another great IKEA lighting remix comes from Daniel Saakes. The fixture which he calls  the “Platonic Sun” lamp, is comprised of IKEA’s Lampan lamp priced at $4.99 (for one). Find instructions on how to make your own here.

Photo: Design*Sponge

Pictured above is IKEA’s Trollsta sideboard which cost $349. It’s kinda on the pricey side but super cute, high impact, and very versitile.