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Around Town: Furniture Finds in DC and Baltimore

7 Jan

As we head into the weekend, here’s a peek at items local stores are stocked with:

Set of four Joe Colombo chairs, $225 Home Anthology

Nana Ditzel cradle, price not listed, Home Anthology

Mid-Century plywood desk chair, $150 Modern Mobler

Colonial Style Chairs, $85 each Miss Pixies

1970s hanging lamp, $195 Miss Pixies

John Kelly Alpha Bed, $756 (sample sale) RCKNDY

Norm Pendant Light, $78 Tabletop


Inside Look: Bright and Cheery Mid-Century Pad

30 Dec

Pulling off an interior filled with many bold colors can be difficult, however this apartment demonstrates it can be done. Though bursting with saturated colors this apartment manages to be cheery, as opposed to overwhelming. Midcentury classics along with vintage fabrics give the apartment a distinctly retro feel. Check out pics below.

Colorful 1960’s Living Room

29 Dec

I LOVE THIS ROOM! That’s all.

My New/Old Lamp

26 Dec

A few weeks ago I picked up a lovely new mid-century lamp from one of my favorite vintage stores Home Anthology (store blogged about here). I like vintage lighting because the designs tend to be more visually interesting than a lot of what’s on the market today, and often times you can get cute pieces for relatively cheap at thrift stores and Ebay. The only downside to buying vintage lamps is that sometimes the wiring isn’t the greatest and you can never be sure what the maximum bulb wattage should be. But with a little ingenuity and IKEA I was able to solve this problem.

Below is my vintage lamp along with its old wiring. I swapped the old wiring for the wiring in my Fado Ikea table lamp (which had been hiding out in the back of my closet, ever since I broke the glass that covers it…I had a feeling the wiring would come in handy one day). You can pick up a new one from IKEA for $20.

After removing the old wiring, I simply put the lamp on top of the IKEA lamp base.

Tah dah… new/old lamp!

Inside Look: Cozy San Francisco Apartment

24 Dec

Check out this cute feminine apartment filled with a mix of Ikea and great thrift store finds.

Inside Look: Well Designed Man Cave

18 Dec

Who says man caves have to be aesthetically unpleasing? Check out the beautiful masculine apartment below.

Great Vintage Furniture Store: Home Anthology

12 Dec

Today I went to what must be the greatest vintage furniture store in the world–Home Anthology. Located just outside of Baltimore, Home Anthology offers a large selection of carefully selected mid-century classics, along with lesser known mid-century items at VERY reasonable prices. They also have a wonderful selection of quirky accessories. To top things off their staff is super friendly and they deliver to DC.