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DIY Plywood Bookcase

10 Jan

Photo: Bolig Battle

Storage solutions for books and similar sized items can get expensive, but to save money you can build your own.  With less than $100 (not including the cost of tools) and a trip to your local hardware store you can recreate the shelving pictured above, featured on Danish design show Bolig Battle.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

1) Two sheets of plywood, preferably MDF (the size will depend on how much storage you need) cut into 12×12 squares

2) Wood glue, $3 Home Depot

3) Black spray paint, $3 Home Depot

4) Hammer

5) Wood

6) Nails

Here are the steps to create the bookcase:

1) Nail 12×12 wood panels to the wall to create plywood backing of the shelf, putting one nail in each corner of the squares.

2) Begin assembling boxes by applying a line of glue along the edge of the base board and adjoining it to a second panel, also treated with a line of glue. Hold the two pieces of wood together with a clamp. While clamped, nail the two pieces together to increase sturdiness. The result should be two wood panels adjoined in an L shape.

Photo: DIY Advice

3) Repeat the steps above to create a second “L”. Then glue and nail the two L-shaped pieces together to create a square. Use the clamp to reinforce the glued edges as they dry.

4) Once dry, glue a fifth piece of wood to the square to act as a base to the box.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve reached your desired number of boxes.

6) Spray paint half of your boxes.

7) Once dry, attach boxes to wood panels on the wall with glue (spread out over the surface of the box bases) and at least four nails or screws.