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13 Jan



Store Highlight: Silk and Burlap

11 Jan

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting home and clothing store Silk and Burlap. Located in Frederick, MD, about an hour outside of Washington, the store offers customers a truly unique shopping experience. Merchandise includes women’s clothing and accessories mixed with carefully selected vintage home furnishings. You can find newly reupholstered sofas, Eames chairs, antique crates, vintage signs, and gorgeous chandeliers among other things. Their staff is super friendly and prices are of the bargain basement variety. I highly recommend stopping by. I had so much fun…I hardly wanted to go home. Here are pics from my visit:


21 Dec

Just in time for Christmas I discovered Himmeli, a homemade Christmas decoration originating in Finland. Typically made out of straw, string, and wires, Himmeli is hung from the ceiling like a mobile. While the Finnish hang them at Christmas, I think in America they would work all year round.

The Himmeli pictured above is made out of coffee stirrers and pipe cleaners.

Pantone Mugs

15 Dec

I love color, so it’s only natural I’m drawn to Pantone mugs. At around $15 a mug ($120 for a set of 10) they’re a little bit of a splurge, but I think they’re well worth the price. Not only can you drink out of them, but they serve as a lovely design accessory as well. They make great gifts also.