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Artist Showcase: Val Proudki

8 Jan

One of the greatest photography talents DC has to offer is Val Proudki owner of Photographica. His sharp eye captures beauty and irony in everyday moments with ease, and has led him to win many accolades including 1st place in DC’s “Spirit of DC” Fotoweek competition. His work is so inspiring I own some myself. Whenever I have new guests over they always comment on how powerful his work is. If you’d like to purchase his photography you can do so by visiting him on weekends at Eastern Market where he has a booth, or by purchasing online at Photographica. Prints are very reasonably priced, with many coming in at under $100.

He has been honored with accolades such as DC Fotoweek’s 1st place winner in the “Spirit of DC” contest.


Rep Yo Hood….with an Ork Poster

1 Jan

Ork posters manage to bring together the wonderful combination of affordable, personal, and intriguing art. Created by designer Jenny Beorkrem as a solution to a personal design dilemma, her original print has now morphed into an entire line of neighborhood posters starting at $18.

Photo: Tiny Ass Apartment

Look even Jimmy Kemmel has one! Photo: Ork

To purchase click here.

Artist Showcase: Claude Taylor

20 Dec

If you live in Washington, DC you may have run across the work of local photographer Claude Taylor. Located in Dupont Circle his gallery is filled with colorful prints from his travels from all around the world. Very reasonably priced, starting at just $20 for smaller photos, you can get great bang for your buck through him. Two of my favorite prints are below:

To view more of his work or to purchase online click here.

Artist Showcase: Peter Combe

15 Dec

Artist Peter Combe shows that with low cost materials and a little ingenuity magnificent things can arise. Known for his use of paint chips (the little strips with paint colors you can get for free from places like Home Depot and Lowe’s), his work is standout.

To view additional pieces of his work visit Saatchi Gallery.

While it might be difficult to recreate art of the quality of Combe’s on your own, amateurs are making use of the concept successfully:

Photo: Apartment Therapy (for instructions on how to create click here.

4 Ways to Create Cheap Art

13 Dec

#1 Block Art

 Photo: The Brick House

A framed sheet of solid colored paper, or what I call block can add a cute pop of color to a room.

#2 Origami

Photo: Seawayblog

Origami figures make a real design statement, for just the cost of a sheet of paper. For instructions on how to make your own click here.

#3 Framed Scarfs

Photo: 2nd Floor Living

Scarfs can be more than a wardrobe accessory, they can be a wall accessory too!

#4 Framed vintage magazines

Photo: Reverie

Framing magazines is a cheap way to add personality to a space. You can showcase mags that tell visitor’s about your interests. Old magazines are readily available of sites like Ebay and Etsy.